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Time off and reconnecting with my inner artist

Taking a month off out of my control can go two ways.   Fight it all the way and complain,  worry and stress.  Or take it in stride,  prepare for it and enjoy it.

I decided on the latter.

In the dark recesses of my cabinet sat a tin box of 128 colored pencils.  All shiny and new,  never sharpened.  Waiting.   I had purchased these a few years ago,  a good deal on eBay from someone who claimed they went through an art phase and then got bored.

I had been off for two weeks already.   I had made a mess of the first week,  really unsure of what to do with myself.   I did laundry,  piles and piles of it.  I cleaned.  I slept in.   I completed projects I hadn’t been able to for months.    The next week I drove 4 hours north to be with family.

Week three was suddenly here and what did I have to show for my many accomplishments?  A pile of clean laundry unfolded in a heap on my husbands dresser since he said he would fold and put it away.  ha ha.  A completed project finally sent off to a very patient customer.  Rest.   My mental list of things to do flickered in my mind.

With determination I pulled myself out of bed,  our two cats had wedged themselves on either side of me,  they meowed in protest.  Today I was going to get something done.

With new energy thanks to a cup of black mango tea I swung open the doors to my storage cabinet.   I was going to clean this cabinet today,  organize.

Then I saw it.  The flat tin box.  I pulled it out.   Then I knew.  It wasn’t a clean the cabinet day at all.  It was a drawing day.  It was time for me to draw again.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Renesmee and Esme from Twilight Breaking Dawn


Bella and Jacob

Reese Witherspoon as Marlena from Water for Elephants

Renesmee and Bella



Update!  Now you can bid on the box shown below…



For the past several weeks I have found a new hobby/craft to get into.   I’ve been collecting those cute wooden boxes for a while now,  waiting for the perfect time to do something with them.

Decoupage is not new.  I remember my mom used to do it all the time with watered down Elmer’s glue.   Now days it’s easy to use and comes in a special glue made for it called Mod Podge.  Easy and cheap.

Anyways,   I went through some trail and error to get my technique down.  First rule of thumb- do not coat both sides.  coat the bottom first,  smooth it down with a brayer or what ever you have on hand- can even use a clean sheet of paper and you fingers.  Wait for it to dry all the way,  then top coat with the Mod Podge.    Top coat however many times it takes,  in the box below I did it about 3 times.  Each time I did I waited for each layer to dry all the way before brushing on another.

Its always a good idea to varnish after the podge is all the way dry.  Even though it does dry clear and hard,  glossy or matte depending on which one you use,  there tends to be a tiny bit of a tacky feeling and will collect dust and such thru the years.

Here is my first box that I made.    I used a simple sealer that worked great but wait till you see my other box with a new sealer.

I used metal brass butterflies and flowers I had intended for something else but felt they went perfectly with this.  For the sides I used cheap round wooden oval shaped disks that gave the sides some dimension.   I even added rubber feet to the bottom so it would sit better and not scratch my dresser.

I used the Immortal Love scrapbook paper collection. Perfect for this.

The side

Other side

The back

All hardware was removed to decorate then put back on after

So what happened to my next box?  I started it at the same time I made this one,  only I used photos for all sides and used a new sealer.  One that is now in the trash because well… see for yourself.

A simple box with photos from Breaking Dawn

Front... can you see the fog around the edges?

New sealer... see the white looking parts?

Other side, and more glops thanks to the sealer.

The back

See what I mean?  The drips?  The glops?  Triple thick fast drying sealer.  Not a good idea.  Should have just stuck with my regular sealer.

On a happy note,  I am selling this one drips and all anyways because I don’t want to keep it and it’s not horrible looking.  More boxes to come since this is my new hobby right now.

Here is the listing:

Since I spent $7.99 on the sealer,  I started the bids at that.  I figured I could at least get my money back and someone out there can enjoy this box.

Anyways.  I will update as I finish more boxes.  These are fun to make and not very expensive.  Plus we can all use boxes to stash little odds and ends inside.   I found these fun flat boxes and think they will be perfect to put stationary cards inside ready to use when you want to send a quick hand written note.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 geek moment

So I found out what copy of The Merchant of Venice is used for the scene shown in Part 2 sneak-peek.  I’m pretty excited since this was easily available on  I purchased a new copy,  but would actually recommend a used one,  more wear that way and more authentic looking.   I’d say it’s a near perfect match.

Keep in mind that the photos on the left are screen grabs from one of the many videos people took of the screens and the ones on the right are my own pictures taken with my cell phone because I was too excited to wait till I had access to a better camera at home.  I promise better pictures to come soon!

Update:  Better pictures added!


Here is where I got mine:

The Merchant of Venice (The Annotated Shakespeare)

The Merchant of Venice (The Annotated Shakespeare)

Buy from Amazon

Used ones are as low as 40 cents.

Just a fun way to own something without spending an arm and leg.

Happy New Year!

So 2012… wow.  You know when the 2nd movie from Back to the Future came out,  2015 seemed so far away.  By then we are supposed to have hover skateboards and flying cars is the norm.  It’s funny to watch that movie now,  and think that was what people thought it would be like.

Realistically,  I see flying cars never happening.  Maybe hover cars so tires are no longer needed,  or roads really but full on in-the-sky flying vehicles,  too hard to regulate.  (and this not happening till the next 100 years or so if the world doesn’t end first)  Look at what flying planes is like,  I can’t imagine being in the sky with crazy drivers,  what a mess that would be.   But it’s still neat to think about.  Speculate.

The end of the world is this year,  according to the Mayan calendar.   Is it a joke?  Did some mayan run out of space on their calendar and say oh well guess that’s the end.  How will it end if it’s true?  In the movie 2012,  yes I watched that movie because I have a thing for end of the world movies,  there were signs.  Weird natural disasters,  earth-quacks in odd places.  Strange weather.  Should we take that stuff into account and be aware?   I think a major change is coming,  but it’s not the end of the world,  and it won’t be drastic and sudden,  it’ll be slow and smooth.  We won’t notice it unless we stop to think about it.

Just my take.




So Excited!

I’m finding it very hard to concentrate right now.  Only a little bit longer to go till I see Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Saturday.

Found this awesome shirt at Ross for $7… feathers and sparkle!  Check!

I also made this silly keychain and not sure why I haven’t made one before:

Now I think I’m going to try making some feather clips or pins,   you know that scene where Edward bites a pillow or two?  Hee hee hee.

I’m trying to busy myself with crafts and such,  to avoid any spoilers.   I want to be surprised for this one.


So many things to make, so little time!

The holidays are here.  Halloween is pretty much done and now everything will be on fast forward to Christmas.  The stores already have isles dedicated to the festive holiday.  Right next to the Halloween isle.

Seems Thanksgiving gets passed over easily.  You may find a few things here and there but usually it’s gone by the time you even look.  It’s like little elves put them up on the shelves for maybe a week and then take it all away.   If you blink you might miss it.

The last few Christmases I’ve made my presents.  I’ve made the cards I send out to family members.   I’ve spent hours and hours of work on each item,  and taken special care to create something each recipient would hopefully enjoy and find use for.

This is the time where I start.  I’ll be honest.  I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do this year.   I know it’ll come to me,  like it has in the past but right now,   it hasn’t.

Any ideas?

Trying Something New

New to me,  but very old to some.

The ancient Japanese art form of Kumihimo braiding has been around since the 8th century.

I recently discovered this by accident.  While perusing an online bead shop and seeing mention of certain stringing materials being used for this art form.   I looked it up and found it was fairly simple.

So I ordered the kit for a mere $12.

The Kit

I had to wait till this past weekend to try it.   It took a little to get the rythum.   The kit came with a ket chain project and handy directions.   I found it easy but challenging in the beginning.  It was fun learning about a “new” craft and I will definetly use this technique in future projects.

My first braid

This website has all the supplies you’ll need should you decide to have a go at this.

Spooked by Spiders

No idea what has come over me.   Perhaps it’s life changes?  Maybe it’s the long isles chalked full of Halloween gear at the local Target.  What ever it is,   I’ve been inspired by 8 legged creatures who love to spin sticky webs on the side mirrors of my car.  

I got the idea while shopping at one of my favorite craft stores.   I saw the sparkly 8 legged arachnids hanging by tabs on an end cap.  Their legs decorated with tiny rhinestones,  bodies enameled in glossy ebony.   

In other words,  the were fancy and caught my eye. 

I never gave much thought to those creatures.   I’m not afraid of them,   I don’t squeal and jump up on the bed,  or slam what ever blunt object I can reach on top of them in a wild attempt of survival.  They don’t really bother me.  They are here,  usually minding their own business.   If one gets in the house,  and  the cats don’t make it into a toy,  I calmly let them outside.   I’m not against killing,  just don’t see the point. 

That evening,  I put together my first spider.   Once I had the legs on and  it started to take the recognizable form,  I paused.   I held it up and looked at it,  wow.  This is creepy.  I thought to myself.   I got the chills even.   It was kind of thrilling.  Like going on a roller coaster ride thinking your going to wreck your going so fast,  but you know it’s safe. 

This is my first spider

Since then I started making all kinds of different ones.  Colors,  sizes,  what ever.   I sit in front of the TV and make 3 or 4 at a time while some show drones on in the back ground.    They are fun,  thrilling,  creepy and very, very cool.

No TV actually makes me do stuff

Well no one can call me lazy! No TV actually makes me do stuff. Last night I moved the portable AC from the garage to the home office. Cleaned out my beading cabinet to relocate the beads to a different cabinet which I also cleaned out.  Then I moved the file cabinet to make room for the AC… hooked that up after cleaning it.  Moved somethings I use now for paper crafting into the now empty cabinet.

Geesh… and I looked at my progress, barely made a dent. :-(

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